Cafeteria / Mini market

Οrder one of our excellently prepared coffees with a small snack and enjoy the lounge area overlooking the beautiful sea. Shop everything you need for your stay like water, snacks, milk etc. from our small mini market.

Favela Beach Resort & Seaside Restro

The most popular beach bar in the area is in front of Stefanidis Apartments. Many coctails, drinks and snacks are served right next to waves. Or you can have a breakfast, lunch or dinner at Favela intenational restaurant in a nice table away from the crowd.


Traditional seafood and meat dishes taverna that offers the charm of authentic Greek cuisine. Amalthiia is located right next to the villa.


Simplicity and high gastronomy perfectly coexist at Kalamatianos menu. Convert excellent Greek products to a high gastronomic experience. Located 1km away from Stefanidis Apartments.


Agnanti restaurant is lucky to be located in a prime position, perched on a hillside overlooking the Aegean sea. Enjoy seafood or simply a cup of coffee with an amazing view. Located 1.5km from Stefanidis Apartments.

Don Quijote

Italian restaurant located 600m from Stefanidis Apartments. Visit Don Quijote for delicious pasta, salad and pizza and you will not regret it!